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16.07.2020 – XVII The Star

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: More of the same message from yesterday as we step up from the Royals to a Major Arcana card. Today the Star, also known as the Divine Wish Fulfilment card, is asking us to shine out our own individual light and truth.

There is so much energy outside our human selves that we can connect with if we chose to. It is available to everyone. I have chosen to engage with it and it is my life path to do so, so here I am, doing this. You can engage in whichever way that is right for you. Acknowledging that there is more to this life than the human is a first step. There are many different ways the Universe can reach out to us but if we are not willing to participate then we will not ‘hear’ the messages. You may be aware of your inner voice that speaks out, asking questions that you want answered. But, without listening for the answers then we don’t receive them. They can come in strange forms like music on the radio, car plate numbers, birds, animals, insects etc. Whatever you believe, this card is asking you to shine your own individual light, allow you to be who you are and don’t dim your light for anybody else to shine theirs over yours. The world is able to have all of us shining our lights.

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