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16.03.2020 – Ten of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Today we have a delightful dance of reciprocity unfolding before us. Going with the flow but not alone, working in tandem with another. Let us dance the dance of life even though many of us are in conditions that do not convey a time of enjoyment or fun.

Even through difficult times we can learn to lift ourselves out of the fear and depression that could set in. We are capable of doing this. It doesn’t need to be as bad as you ‘think’ it is. Start to look for the silver linings in things or indeed golden, as we have a shoal of goldfish swimming around us in the card today. The Shadowscape book advises that this card ‘is the final attainment of serenity and peace. Success and happiness have been granted at last . . . Family support and bonds are important to being able to enjoy the blessings of life.’ Let the sunshine or an alternative situation lift you out of any gloom today. See beyond that which is being forced into your awareness of a negative nature. Find things to be grateful for and know that ‘This Too Shall Pass’.

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