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15.06.2021 Six of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: First of two sixes this week and back with the air energy of the swords suit. Sixes in the positive aspect are about family, home and service while in the negative can be jealous and worrisome. They are also about balance, communication, equilibrium, harmony and problem solving, so, a lot to pay attention to via this list today.

While in the air element we are being asked to allow ourselves to be lifted from the past and dream of a better future.

A card of leaving our troubles behind with clear vision and plain sailing ahead.

This is a card of the planet Mercury in the Sun sign of Aquarius. Let us not fall into a trap of superiority of others over us today. Stand in our own power and express our views in equal measure. Take note of whether we are being listened to or not. Our voice is as worthy of being heard as another. Or, we may decide to be graceful, as in the energy of the swan and allow that to lift us out of any difficult, possibly, one sided discussions today.

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