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15.05.2019 – XX Judgement

Wednesday: Drawn to the numerology today 15+5=20 XX=20 a nice balance of the day of the month and todays card.

The Judgement card (2nd last in the major arcana).

Are you ready? Ready for your voice, art, music to be sounded out into the world. Can you do this in acceptance rather than an ego driven ‘blowing of your own horn’; allowing those who are ready to hear, to engage in and with no judgement for those who are not – that is their right to be, them embracing their free will.

Can you stand in your own power with a greater sense of love for self and all others and things that make up this life we live?The word philanthropic appears to me and I have to check its meaning.

A time to be generous, good-hearted, charitable, humanitarian

i.e. understanding without judgement, what it is to be human and embrace the journey.

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