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15.04.2020 – XIV Temperance Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Last of our Major cards for the next seven days, maybe more. At the weekend I will be choosing the next batch of 21 cards. The past routine was to pick the cards and type them up, but now, in the day to day changing climate, I have been asked to type these up before I post them. Good job I’m a night owl ;-)

Today we have our last reversed card for at least a week. Let us submerge ourselves into the energy of Temperance. Rather than the old adage of abstinence, the energy I receive from the cosmos is ‘all things in moderation’.

Stand in your own power and do what is right for you, you are the one that knows what you need. Don’t allow another’s power to move you into doing something that you know within your deepest knowing that it isn’t right for you.

We are all wonderfully uniquely different and if someone does not like who you are, let them walk away, be the person you were born to be and not a clone of another. Allow yourself a bit of this and a

bit of that as long as it does not cause harm to you or anyone else today.

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