• Patricia Jean Fleming

15.04.2019 – Ace of Wands

Monday. Don’t be precious about anything today.

Trust that what you need will be yours and release any angst that makes you ‘think’ you need to have things.

The future is surely looking rosie today and you have a ‘magic wand’ to assist you.

Be wise in how you may wish to use it and know it is good to share – you don’t have to ‘*Gollumise’ it.

There is a wise old soul in your know that would be useful to touch base with and chat about the way ahead.

She can see you holding onto the wand and not wanting to share it.

Learn to be playful and let go of that ‘need’ energy which is holding you back from a freedom of being essence.

*Gollum as in the Lord of the Rings character.

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