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15.01.2020 – XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: First of three major arcana cards in the coming days. Don’t be daunted by the name of this card, look at the picture. Representation in other decks can be very dark; another reason I like these cards, positivity even in death!

Each autumn, as the northern hemisphere shuts down into more darkness than light and while the southern hemisphere springs into growth, the *yin/yang earth energies play out their cycles of ‘death’ and rebirth.

Do we worry when we see the leaves falling off the trees in autumn, or are we trusting that in the spring they will again bud and bloom?

We have learned to fear death for many reasons but the physical death is only the ending of a phase and we move into another. We are blessed to be more than physical, we are all, spiritual energy undertaking a human life; we are eternal beings with much more to experience than this one life.

When we have ‘closure’ episodes as we live through this life, be like the phoenix and allow yourself to be lifted out of the darkness and into the light, ultimately going ‘home’ and then on to yet another stage of our existence. *

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