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14.09.2021 King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Tuesday: ‘Top of the shop’ the final card of the four suits, our royal visitor today, King of the material world. Kings bring us the energy of authority, leadership, and protection. Pentacles are of positivity and value. A mix of the Earth energy of the Pentacles and the Fire energy of the King. This card guides us that it is time to go in search of what makes us happy, to be secure and solid in our being. Card of great achievement and dominance in commerce and industry. Sometimes known as The Trust card. The Shadow-scapes Companion book tells us that:

He is an inspiration for success and still is generous and willing to share his wealth and fortune. Partake of the fruit he offers. He knows that wealth will be shared and shared again, and from those fruits, new seeds will sprout and grow to be mighty trees.’ Let us use this energy wisely today and know that we are just a blade of grass in the many fields and pastures of this glorious planet. We are all wonderfully unique but still we are one of many and they too are all wonderfully unique too. *Heather Eland advises that ‘Mars enters Libra Exact on September 14th, 2021 at 6:13pm MDT which is 01:13am Sept 15th BST(GMT+1hr). It is active September 14th through October 30th. . . The key here is to find a healthy balance between our ambitions and the goals and ambitions of others without becoming so submissive in the process that we become ineffective.’ Nor should we dull the ambition of others, for they too have their journey to make. *

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