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14.08.2021 IX The Hermit

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Saturday: Last of our four major arcana cards this week. The Hermit stands at his summit, reached the pinnacle and now wonders where to go. He shines the light out but sees no guidance beyond. ‘Follow your path’ he hears. But what path, I see nothing. ‘For there is nothing to see, just be’. We are taught in this world to look beyond, to ‘better’ ourselves with great learning of all that the world can teach us. The best learning I have found lies within each and everyone of us. If we had been taught to go within before outside of us, this world and our lives would be a very different place. When we are comfortable in ourselves then there is no competition only love for one another. This is the card of the internal process of healing. Of shining the light within and overcoming all internal blocks. Finding direction, healing from what has gone and what is stopping us from moving forwards. Major Arcana card number nine, on a day that adds up to nine also and another nine tomorrow to end our week. Nines are about being almost there. About our own journey. About compassion, compromises and spirituality. Linked to the zodiac sign of Virgo - Analysis, committed, conservative, methodical, modest and wise. How wise will we be today?

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