• Patricia Jean Fleming

14.05.2019 – Eight of Pentacles

Tuesday: Loving this card today as today I will be arriving (as a guest) to a conference of A Course of Love -Translators. Again drawn to the Shadowscapes Companion book which says: The Eight of Pentacles embodies a craftsman, someone possessing great patience and who is attentive to details. It is a call to be absorbed in a project, to seek out knowledge, and pursue a higher understanding. But this must be done with practical experience, using one’s own hands and body and mind to create. This is often what is required to achieve success – a practical application of intellect and skill to a task to see through to the finish. This was typed Saturday 4th May, ten days ago and really reflects the work the translators have put in. They have allowed for these gifted words (ACOL) to reach more than the English speaking population of our world.

What projects are calling to you at this time?

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