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14.01.2021 Seven of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Happy to see this card coming through for us all today. We could do with some positive abundance in some shape or form. ‘. . . this Eden of her own making.’ says the Shadowscapes Companion book. Have we been setting seeds of abundance on the new moon energies now and past? Have we been cultivating an Eden of our own? Let us not be in a rush no matter how long we have waited for the ‘fruit to ripen’. All things have an appointed time and if we step in to soon, if we rush the ‘brew’, then we face the consequences of it not being at its optimal best. Take this opportunity of the dark moonless nights to rest and relax. The longer nights of the winter months too here in the northern hemisphere. The book also says: ‘It is a calm moment of consideration of alternatives and different approaches.’ A card of planet Saturn in Taurus energy. Saturn brings us the energy of knowing our boundaries and practising our self-control. Taurus today reminds us of dependability and stability. It is a fixed sign and off the earth energy so let us embrace some grounding during our day.

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