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13.11.2021 Ace of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: ‘Strong and True’. These are the words that come to me with this card today. We chase away the veil of the Moon energy that possibly held us in an illusionary state of being. With Aces, we are once again in the energy of new beginnings, gifts from the Universe and potential but the kind we need to take action with. The Ace of Swords also brings us being guided/soul path energy.

Today may be the day we have a mental breakthrough, where we see solutions.

It is about speaking our truth and possibly presenting ourselves differently. Card of achievement, ambition, changeableness, clarity, curiosity, expressive style, philosophy and unpredictability. Related to the zero card in the Major Arcana; The Fool. Also sometimes known as the breakthrough card. Having victory. Being in our power. It may have been a difficult journey to get here but a new door we have wanted to open may be opening for us today. We may not see it happening, but the energy of it is surely there starting to make advances on what we have wanted to be made available to us; to assist us to move forward in our life. A day to let go of worries where an existing problem may be resolved.

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