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13.08.2020 – Wheel of Fortune

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: WOW! What better card to follow on from yesterday’s guidance. The first thing my eyes are drawn to on this card is the ‘bed of roses’ at the bottom. Symbolic of good luck and good fortune. The phrase is a reference to something that is comfortable or easy – just what we were talking about yesterday! This amazing card, as well as being beautiful is associated with the Planet Jupiter which is known as the lucky planet. What luck or opportunities have you moved your energy too today through engaging in positive thinking and practising gratitudes? Yesterday we had the hand of Spirit and the depiction of this card leads me to conclude that today we have the luck of the ‘wee folk’, the fairy and the elemental realms. It is said that anything ever thought of exists, this is why it is important to move into positive energy.

Let us picture our own wheel of fortune today and give it a good spin. Believing that wherever it stops will be wonderful. You don’t have to off course, it is your choice. I for one will be giving it a spin today. Be optimistic, it may not show up today but blessings are coming if you allow them to reach out to you. My blessings are in waking up each morning and having another day to live.

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