• Patricia Jean Fleming

13.07.2020 – Two of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Known as the equivalent of the Lovers card from the major arcana, the Two of Cups carries less energy but is of a similar essence. It is about partnerships, relationships and emotions. The depiction of this card shows a flow of the two ‘main characters’ as they wrap themselves around each other, they join but they are not one, they are individuals in their duality such as yin and yang. The one thing that flows between them is love. There is great wealth in allowing our differences to flow with our beings, of understanding of how different we all are, uniquely so and being able to get over the mind driven thoughts that society would have us believe were the only way it can be. There is a joy to be had in this dance of getting to know someone without allowing preconceived ideas to taint the partnership. Can you feel the freedom in that ​'​allowing to be​'​ energy? If we ‘think’ we have to change something in someone then we need to question where that judgement is living within us, or, if it is a necessity of who we are, as then we may have to consider letting go of any thought of a relationship with someone who does not make our heart sing just as they are.

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