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13.04.2019 – Three of Wands

Saturday: A step closer to the edge than where you were on Thursday but still in contemplation.

The way ahead looks and feels daunting, a big step to take – if you take it.

While you stand there thinking about it, life will go on around you but there is that feeling of ‘being in the world but not off the world’.

At some point in our lives we all face this time of coming to understand who we are and why we are here – if not in this lifetime then be assured you will be back for another ‘go at it’.

Be grateful for that which you have and the clear view ahead, the only hesitancy is within your ‘humanness’.

Now is the time to connect with the greater power of who you are.

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1 commentaire

Patricia Jean Fleming
Patricia Jean Fleming
13 avr. 2019

Hearing the song with lyrics 'I'm on the edge of glory' maybe we should look up the rest of the lyrics to find some more guidance?

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