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13.02.2020 – XX Judgement

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: This card is the second last, the penultimate in the Major Arcana. It is number 20 and carries strongly the essence of 2. Even down to two X’s being the Roman numeral for 20. Twos are about balance, duality and relationship (this can be either with self or others).

Judgement represents the planet Pluto which is about change, growth, rebuilding and release. Pluto is the planet of transformation/stepping into your own light. Depicted nicely on the card today with all the butterflies rising up. They rise up from a field of flowers and I wonder if you realise the abundance that currently surrounds you or are you lost in the have not’s rather than the gratitudes?

From flowers to butterflies, the lady ascends easily while playing her own tune. Blowing the horn of revelation. She uses the wings she has to assist her. I am reminded of the saying why keep a dog and bark yourself!

It is time for you to reveal the truth of who you are and not be shy at letting that be known. Do not allow yourself to hold yourself back for fear of judgement. Be your own judge, know and love yourself – you are a spiritual being as is every other human being on earth. We are just at different parts of our journeys – no judgement, be here now. Stand strong in your own light.

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