• Patricia Jean Fleming

12.12.2021 Five of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: This card I call Avenging Angel. We have learned to protect that which is ours but we do not have the right to punish others for their lack, do we? If we need to protect then that means we have something of worth in our possession. When we can release that ‘need to have’ then we realise there is more than enough for everyone, we just need to move our minds out of the competitive spirit that tries to be one better than another.

We are not being asked to make ourselves poor but to truly consider what we need to live. The marketing of goods has become so money driven, that those that have, can never have enough. The businesses want to squeeze more profit regardless of who is ‘paying the price’ and I don’t mean paying by money! There is so much difficulties in this world brought into being by the greed of others. I myself have been in that loop, it was a learned behaviour. The more we are brainwashed into a must have and throw away society then the deeper the control over us.

This card is again a number five, like yesterdays, so again it talks to us about change. Today this Angel asks us to see past conflict. To not let that energy consume us so that it stops the good things coming into our lives. It is time to move into the attitude of gratitude and to do what we love doing, what moves us bodily first before the mind. You know that feeling when you glow from top to toe. Wouldn’t you want everyone to be able to know that feeling? It starts with us today. What can we do to bring more happiness to our lives that will then impact on others in a positive way?

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