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12.10.2020 – Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Love this card, and reversed just means we need to have a little patience of the time this energy takes to evolve. Today we are being asked to bring our dreams into reality. It is time to spin the web that creates what those dreams are.

Using the power of yesterday’s card, Queen of Wands, relax our ego controlled vulnerability. Instead of worrying about who will not support your dreams, know that there are those who will – that is the beautiful complexity and magical essence of life and living. Accept that one size will never fit all. Only those who wish to have power over us will continue to encourage us to live in fear and need. Take your power and use it to create your dreams into reality and encourage others to do the same. We live in a world of creation and it is our path here on this physical realm to put those energies to good use. What is the pipedream that we have held onto for years, is today the day we will start to consider how it could be birthed?

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