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12.05.2019 – Two of Swords

Sunday: I could almost repeat the words of yesterday’s card with today’s Two of Swords. Open your heart to love yourself enough to see the true picture of the situation currently around you.

But don’t be so obsessed in your own desire to come out on top of this situation not to love your fellow human being who is struggling to live their life in the only way they know how.

Do not fall under their ‘spell’ or back into that heavy way of life, it doesn’t need to be like that. You as a human being always have free will to move yourself away from anything that no longer serves you.

If we were taught as children that life was meant to be joyous, that we should seek to find love in our hearts for us first then others, would we not start to see a beautiful change from the heavy masculine way of being into the nurturing feminine?

We now have around seven years of planetary influence from Uranus moving into Taurus to help us embrace this way of being.

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