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11.11.2019 – XVIII The Moon

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Day of the Moon! Although the full moon energy is with us tomorrow its energies travel wider than just one day.

I am feeling the motion of transit, both physically and emotionally.

Also, as we are in the water sign of Scorpio [the sign of transformation] we are being loaded with emotional energies right now.

The Shadowscape Companion book tells us that the moon: It is a doorway to hidden unknowns and the wellspring of mingled dark and light that seeps forth from there. That is the gift of the Moon.

Kari Samuels* in her November 2019 video, tells us that ‘This 11-11 is particularly spectacular because of the rare event of Mercury transiting across the Sun.

The symbolism of this is an alignment of your creative life force, how you express yourself in the world – a reset of consciousness with the alignment between the sun and mercury – how you communicate. 11-11 the code of awakening. Reconnect with your passions and live your truth. * or on YouTube at

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