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11.08.2020 – Five of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: I’m feeling ‘middle ground’ with this card for today as I look at it having chosen it a while ago. Interestingly we had Five of Pentacles on the 9th then yesterday, 10th, the King of Wands – sandwiched between 2 x 5s. This to me is talking about being between endings and new beginnings. We indeed have the change energy of 5s and the King yesterday would be the middle ground. Today we could be challenged, possibly be in conflict or indeed watching conflicts from a distance. As much as this card is Mars in Scorpio the current position of Mars is going to be shaking things up a bit. Already I am seeing an increase in inflammatory posts on my feed at Facebook. This intensity is all part of our 2020 bigger picture and we don’t need spectacles to see in 20-20! How we react to this energy is entirely up to us – free will and all that! Let us lift our energies to see beyond any current fray and try and hold ourselves outside of the negativity that will be played out. Hence the strong words of moving ourselves into positivity that I have been sharing these past few weeks.

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