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11.03.2019 – Knight of Cups

Monday: What is the Holy Grail that you are wishing for? How big are your dreams?

What is it that could truly make you comfortable and able to live life in the way you want to live it?

The Knight rides the Unicorn so he has power with him to lift (you) out of the troubled waters.

They ask you to bring clarity to that which you want for your future. Write it down, picture it in your mind and let it go.

The Universe has heard you. Now it is your job to wait and listen for the signs, for when the time is right for you to take action and not before.

"But how will I know?" you ask – when it is easy and when you know in your being that this is the direction to take.

For some, it won’t happen tomorrow or the next day but that’s ok, we need to leave time for all things to fall into place – not just for ourselves but others too.

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