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11.02.2021 V The Hierophant

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: The day of the Aquarius new moon is upon us and with it a stellium of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury Retrograde alongside the sun and the moon. Heather Eland of advises that we should ‘expect the unexpected, possible disruptions and weird things happening, possibly volatile. . . Systems that are old, outdated, restrictive, and rooted in the consolidation of power will be viewed as highly suspect.’ Meanwhile we have another major arcana card this week with a visit from Gods representative here on planet Earth; The Hierophant who represents Taurean traits of order and rules. Time for the healing light to be shone from within and as with what Heather has told us, maybe today will find individuals strong enough to shine the light from within these outdated power houses that no longer serve the percentage of the populations needs. Time to search for meaning within our lives and being okay with who we are as we are. The depiction in the card shows us The Hierophant as a tree that has lived for many years and gathered enough wisdom along the way to continue to thrive in his rooted position and still able to furnish his twigs with golden leaves. What seeds will we plant today to assist us on our journeys ahead and especially during the next two years. What inspires us and what do we need to focus on to create that vision. Does it include helping others too?

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