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10.11.2020 – Five of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Looking at this card today I am getting ‘going against the grain.’ This youth is on a mission, he is following his true path and has the light guiding him.

He wears the purity of white and red ribbons of success round his waist and arm. He has championed many a fray.

Are we following our true path in life even though all around us appears to be heading in another direction?

The card is representative of Saturn in Leo. The planet Saturn brings us supportive energy to help us achieve our true goals but it may be a rocky ride to get there. Through difficulties there is always learning and his determination is keeping him on the right track. Leo brings us the power to shine as bright as the sun, to embrace our creativity and acknowledge the wisdom we hold within. A bit of a risk taker, Leo certainly can show us how to take that leap of faith that keeps us on our true path, especially when everyone else is going the other way. Today Mercury enters Scorpio through to December with a power of bringing out truths. Do we stand in ours?

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