• Patricia Jean Fleming

10.08.2020 – King of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Be open to new connections coming our way. Possibly someone who is humble and generous as in the energy of this king who has ascended through his suit to have the power he now wields. Today he zooms into our reading with double fire energy. Fire of the King and fire of the Wands while we are still within the energy of Lion’s Gate.

We are being asked to feel his energy and harness it for our own. Put it to good use, into something that needs our work or creativity that we have been wanting to produce. It feels today we are being asked to not doubt ourselves but know that we are capable of producing results.

As all thing in life, there will be some who do not like what we have done while others will. That’s life! What we need to do is not to allow the negatives of those who do not like our work or our creative productions to get to us. We accept that some don’t and that’s ok. But, as much as there are people like that then there are others who will be positive about our efforts. These are the views we want to hold onto. These are the views that really matter. Let the negative ones go!

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