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10.06.2022 XXI The World

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: When the Tower came out for us on Monday, who would have known the World card was waiting in the wings today. It can be a step into freedom for us, to be aware and acknowledge a greater power at work than us mere mortals. We can dream of what our world can be but often we have no say in it. What I have found though is that in tuning into intuition, gratitude and a positive attitude, my world is better than I could have dreamt. Not without its difficulties but they keep us to the path that we were born to live. We have both three and seven energy with the card today. 3 = birth, creativity and growth. 7 = assessment, evaluation and reflection. The World is the last card of the major arcana. Card of completion, the ending of a cycle. Of reaching victory and having moved into our power. Ready to step into a new phase of our lives. Of birthing something new from old. Today in astrology we have Mercury Trine Pluto from Taurus to Capricorn. Heather Eland shares: . . ‘This energy indicates a period of transformation with regard to our thinking and it may be around this time that we gain a deeper understanding of the events that have occurred throughout this period as Mercury is now able to offer a more focused mindset and clearer communication.

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