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10.06.2019 – VI The Lovers

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Talking of creation i.e. following on from yesterday’s card, and having just read a text from Coralie to our A Course of Love (ACOL) gathering buddies, Michael Mark in The Miracle of Dialogue printed in The Embrace newsletter issue 37* quotes from ACOL that

Creation is a dialogue. . . .

willing to participate as who we truly are – without pretence or image,

without agenda and without knowing just where the moment will take us.

The lovers stand on a bedrock of their pasts but have risen above to be whom they are today, here and now.

There are two white doves carrying a ring of union that could join them together allowing for each to be their own person, loving themselves first but

willing to participate.

* Are you readyto be creative, allowing the flow of energies to guide you?

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