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10.05.2019 – Nine of Cups

Friday: Have you been following the flow of the cards?

Are you ready to reach out to the abundance that is there for all willing to journey along this path?

The following is taken from the Shadowscape's book:

The world extends an offering of pleasure, intoxicating in its beauty. There is a grace in the swirl of fish as they swim in unison and spin through the water as one organic being, rather than as hundreds of disparate creatures. They swim with such harmony that it feels like a choreographed dance.

Ask for that which you want to assist you to find and journey on your true path in this lifetime.

Ask and it will be given. There are however no time scales associated with this.

Maybe you have more to learn or other people have to find their way before you can then coincide along the way.

Relax and allow, trusting that the Universe has your best interests at heart.

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