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10.04.2020 – XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: More major arcana energy today. So happy that this card is depicted as the phoenix rising. There is so much more to ‘life’ than being in this human existence. When we lose the fear of Death then we can learn to truly live. Those who like to control us would have us live in that fear, now is our time to rise like the phoenix and claim our lives back.

Physical death is a reality, this we mourn, the physical loss of those we love but be assured we will meet again. Let us learn to celebrate the lives of those who ‘go home’ before us.

There is an increase of Angels working in the hospitals currently who ensure that no one is alone when their time comes – be assured of that. Sit within yourself and be there energetically if this occurs in your life. Be there for your loved ones in the only way you can be.

Like the fires that raged across Australia and the rest of the world, there will be new growth – that is the natural law of life on earth.

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