• Patricia Jean Fleming

10.01.2022 Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: A week that is starting and ending with two energy. Today in the suit of Wands and staying within the power of yesterday’s planet Mars and today in the zodiac sign it rules, Aries. Twos bring us balance and duality, reconciliation and relationships energy alongside choices and decisions. This card guides us to be empowered to take action, to make choices that will bring a positive change into our lives. We are again being asked to listen to our intuition to make life choices for ourselves. We may find ourselves at a crossroads but we have the power to see the potential of a new path and to take action to what we want. To take the world in our hands and shape it to how we want to shape it. To take our power back and make a difficult decision. To be fired up and ready for the unknown. The important thing today is not to sell ourselves short, to see ourselves as a match, level for level. Card of action, of advancing forward. Of conquest, being impulsive and initiating. Of being dissatisfied with the status quo and of advancing forward. Let us take time-out today to go within and ask ourselves what we truly want in this life. Do not put up any barriers, any ‘what ifs’ - with a world of opportunities, what would we want for ourselves today and for the future? Today we make the choices, we make the decisions.

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