• Patricia Jean Fleming

09.12.2019 – Three of Swords Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Another jumper out of the pack so bringing extra energy with it.

Are you allowing yourself to learn from the tower energy yesterday or are you wallowing in ‘poor me’ thoughts? Somethings can appear out of our control. Life brings us challenges and how we deal with them is a sure indication as to where you are at on your current life path.

With the reversed card today, it feels like you have found the strength to turn things around in your life, to allow a better flow of all the energies that exist around us.

We are heading into winter in the northern hemisphere, it is a time of hibernation, of going within and ‘fermenting’ all that has brought us to today and how we would like to live our future.

When we can surrender to ‘what is’ then we open ourselves to receive the natural way of being, truly a connected ‘being’ of the earth and its energies.

Open yourself to the unconditional loving energy that is in all of nature – it just is. Learn acceptance. Some things are not for us to change, they just are. Remembering it is never only about you, you are but one stem of grass in this gigantic green field of life.

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