• Patricia Jean Fleming

09.08.2020 – Five of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Is the Lion’s Gate energy unsettling you? Fives can be about uncertainty, instability, change – are you feeling a change coming?

This card is showing someone not prepared to lift their head up which would enable them to see the beautiful butterfly which signifies transformation. A little more of what we talked of on Friday re allowing ourselves to fall into downward spiralling negativity. We can control this. Step by step, little by little, acknowledging the things in life we can be grateful for. Change the tune, change the focus and find ourselves spiralling into positivity instead – it is most definitely a better place to be. Today’s card relates to Mercury in Taurus. Mercury is our planet of communication – is there someone we need to speak to about something and we are putting it off? Taurus is a symbol of strength and tenacity which can also appear as being stubborn and that is the energy I am feeling with this card today. We can choose to stick our heads in the sand but that will not achieve anything; the ‘problem’ will still be there when we come up for air!

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