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09.07.2020 – XVI The Tower

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: The flow of the major arcana cards from Death, to Temperance, the Devil which we had two days ago and today we are being given the Tower. Linked to the planet Mars which is currently retrograde at 6 degrees 21 minutes of Aries. Mars is ruler of Aries and can bring forward aggression and militant tendencies so it is no surprise that it depicts the Tower in Tarot. Sometimes things happen to enable us to realign with our lives path and as much as it may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, we can usually garner the benefit of Tower moments in our life. Many fear change but it is an inevitable part of human life. We have free will to see it in whichever way we want to, but isn’t it nicer to see the positive side of things? The lightning strike has scattered fire around many of the houses in this card but look, there are some that are still standing. It is not total destruction. It is change. Fear it or embrace it, that is our choice. If I mentioned that the next card in the flow of the majors is The Star,

would that help you to be positive with your outlook?

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