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09.06.2019 – Six of Pentacles

Sunday: Today with this card I am getting the feeling of creation.

What creative urges do you harbour? What clever ideas have you had and decided not to share them with the world? Why not you?

Good ideas have to start somewhere but if you don’t do anything about it then don’t be surprised if ten years down the track you find someone making a mint of an idea that you had previously had!

Rather than following the herd, be the piper playing the tune and allow others to enjoy it – to dance to it whatever way they want to dance.

Just because you play a waltz doesn’t mean someone else should waltz if they want to Tango.

Don’t be precious about your creation, enjoy it and move on to the next thing when you are ready to of course but don't rest in your laurels, someone else may just beat you to it!.

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