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09.05.2019 – Six of Swords

Thursday: A good follow on from yesterday’s card.

Do not allow the ego to win and hold you in that place of gloom.

If you are there it is because the ego is happy to have control of your humanness.

Tell it to take a hike!

Take control and tell it to do the work that it is meant to do, keeping your body in good working order. Healing any pains or ailments be they physical or mental.

You are a threefold being; mind, body and soul.

Reclaim the balance of your wholeness lifting you on the gentle wings of grace to carry you forward on your true life path.

Don’t look back, don’t allow the past to hold you in a suffocating embrace.

Jump on the back of the swan(grace) who is offering to take you to a higher state of being.

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