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09.04.2020 – VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Another excellent follow on card from the day before and a step up in energy as today it is a Major Arcana card. Strength can come in many guises but in following on from yesterday’s card we are being asked to know the power we can have over the self, over the ego mind that likes to take us on fearful journeys – just in case we need to implement that fight, flight inner knowing that was used by our ancient ancestors. There may be occasions in our lives that this is a useful ‘tool’ to have but not to allow our mind to have us live in constant fear of what ‘might’ happen. That is not living.

Through her calmness of being the feminine has soothed the roar of the lion, eased its stress. Are you allowing stress of the current ‘climate’ to carry you along in a torrent of fear? Or can you be like the lady and gently accept that there are things in life we are unable to do anything about, we do what we can. How we feel about it is a different story and that thought process is totally within our strength of being to temper.

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