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09.02.2020 – King of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Today we have the full moon in Leo appearing as a supermoon when it is close to the horizon – the Snow Moon. It will be at its fullest at 07:33 GMT.

It is a time of balancing heart and head energy. Both Moon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius are lying at 20 degrees of the signs so we have a duplication of the year 2020 energy. Leo energy will fire you up, to what inspires you (more at Tania Gabrielle YouTube ) Meanwhile, our King of Swords sits in contemplation. He is now aware of the truth of all things having his pal the owl (wisdom) perching on the point of his sword. The feeling for me with this card today is that today the ‘King’, has reached the realisation that killing enemies does not solve our problems, there is greater energy at play here than mere mortal lives. Today the truth has dawned that even as a King you can become a pawn to the corrupt. What are you inspired to reveal (even if that is only to you) about yourself and your truths today?

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