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09.01.2021 Three of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Oh relief! The cards have been so heavy of late so it is a joy to check in with a bit of a celebration today. You might ask in this teamwork spirited card, how does that follow on from yesterdays, and previous days individuality theme. Well, once we find the strength of knowing our true selves from our inner investigation and discovery, then we can stand side by side with others who have also followed this path; from that place, there is a new energy of community; one without hierarchy. Community that respects the value of all individuality. Then, as community, that energy can be multiplied exponentially to create the new world that is opening out before us. Even the astrology is speaking the same language as our card today i.e. 'Venus in Capricorn makes a much needed harmonious trine to Mars today . . . ‘ see more at: Meanwhile, the three of cups, encourages us to ask for help if we are struggling with something beyond our own capability. Remember, we are all wonderfully unique, and what we can’t do, someone else can. Embrace the flow of the day and a lighter mood.

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