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09.01.2020 – Nine of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: A nine card on the ninth day and another tomorrow.

Nearing the end of something?

Nines are the last single figure number that started at zero and before we enter into the tens/teens. A bit like the energy of leaving 2019 and coming into 2020. Reflecting higher energy that is around us just now. Are you finding yourself being drawn to the ‘light’, the power of all that is; an energy greater than anything we could imagine from a grounded position of living on earth.

Is this the energy of a new kind of leader – one who does not need an army as in days of old to fight the battles for they see within themselves that all disquiet comes ultimately from within the self!

Let us stop worrying about what we think everyone else is doing and take time to check in with us/you/me/I.

We are responsible for ourselves.

Where someone is in a position to not be able to do things then we would want to assist; not to put what we want onto them but to listen, to hear, to understand and support.

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