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08.05.2019 – XXI The World

Wednesday: Today you are being given the World. We are in that beautiful growth period of the new moons energy. All around you is bountiful now.

Embrace that which is available to you now and be grateful for it.

The World is the last major arcana card, the end of a cycle which always leads to the start of a new one, for this is the journey of life, endless and eternal. Knowing you are an eternal soul, think twice about the physical necessities of human life. What is really necessary for you to be? Are you on a comfortable, unchallenging path or do you open your arms to the unknown and possibilities that are there before you?

Weighing yourself down with the worries of the world will only keep you there. Unshackle yourself from the things you cannot change, freeing yourself to engage with those you can and pray for the wisdom to know the difference (Serenity Prayer).

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