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08.03.2022 Seven of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Not a surprise to see this card showing up today after the messages in yesterday’s reading; ‘Be a king today in your own kingdom.’ Now today, we have not to expect to be the king in someone else’s kingdom! Who gives us the right to be above anyone else, to take what is theirs and make it ours? Are we moving into a world that will see the return of all antiquities etc reunited with their rightful owner? What do we possess that is not ours to hold? Do we trespass in the homes of others? We cannot change the past but we can change the future and it begins with us individually, one by one, by one!

So what can we change in our present life? What do we do that we do not have the right to do? No one owns the earth, no one owns the seas. Lands have been taken and given when there has been no right to give them. We look at this card and see a Vixen protecting her cubs. It wasn’t the badgers right to go there, that was her place. Today is a day to learn to respect the human rights of others, different to who we are. We are not animals in that we are gifted with logic and reason. We are all wonderfully unique and perfectly imperfect. We can stand together side by sider as long as we do no harm to one another. We learn to love self first and when knowing how that is, how that feels, then we can learn to love all others. We are in the energy of four planets in Aquarius. We are being asked to embrace the 'in balance' traits of that sign, of envisioning, individualism, inventive, humanitarian and progressiveness. How do we want the world to be today and tomorrow? It starts with us today!

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