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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

08.03.2021 Knight of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Another royal start to a week. Knights are associated with air energy while Cups are water. This energy would have us blowing along the briny nicely with a fair wind or caught up in a bit of a storm. Which way would we prefer it to be for us today? Can we use the power of positive thinking and unity to calm any storms that may irrupt? Knights are known to be the questers of the suit. They want to champion the energy and cups are about emotions, feelings and relationships. In a regular deck of cards this would be the hearts suit. It is a card of things taking a turn for the better. Possibly opening up to new love – remember love is not always about a sweetheart, a par amour, there are many more types of love than that of couples. So let us have faith in a good wind to bring to us today that which we are ready to receive. Time for some positive change in our lives and an offer in which we can trust. It can also be about seeking an understanding of emotional or spiritual interests. Associated to the sun sign Pisces in which sign we are currently travelling through.

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