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08.03.2019 – Knight of Swords

As the cards take on a flow during the week, Friday’s card appears to be asking you to pick up your sword of justice to put to rights the wrong doing of any injustices that have been laid out before you in the past.

That is, ones that you may have thought you had to take on because, well, someone had to!

Now, you are not alone, you have an army of supporters who want you to know it is ok to be you as long as you mean no hurt to others.

It’s ok to be individual. The only people who will have issues with that are the ones who have their own agendas.

Remember your own strength and don’t allow anyone else to take away your right to be the person that you are.

Life is a many varied thing, we are not born to be clones. Step into your own purpose of self riding those waves of change and keep your light burning brightly.

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