• Patricia Jean Fleming

08.02.2020 – Eight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Back to minor arcana today with another eight energy – continuum. Are you continuing to share your dreams with the Universal energies?

Sometimes we can do this by sharing what we don’t want in life.

Today I am drawn to the spindly limb growing out of the tree that she is holding onto. It is young and flexible while still able to sprout some blooms and holds the promise of more to come.

What new things have blossomed in your life that have hitherto gone unnoticed by you? Think about it and make your gratitudes known – another way of telling the Universe your wants.

She wears a breast plate that speaks of knowing her boundaries, a little protection without the fearful suit of armour that some would wear.

Wands energy is about creativity. What are you allowing yourself to create for you today?

Be as light with the letting go of your dreams, having made them, as the dandelion seeds that she blows on gently while making her wishes known.

It is not for us to make things happen but to be open to receive.

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