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07.07.2021 Six of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Known as the Nostalgia Card we take a trip into the past and that of a child’s tea party with invited guests of stuffed toys and loving guardians placating a child’s innocence and simple pleasures. A card that asks us to find a happy place to be, to be joyful. That feeling of things being alright in the world regardless of what is actually happening. Can we find some of this delicious innocence? A card of charm and creativity. Of regeneration, sensitivity and willpower. Of finding our inner light within to move our energy in a forward direction. The six is a number of balance and harmony, of communication, equilibrium and problem solving. Linked to the Sun in the zodiac sign of Scorpio reminding us of how healing the use of being optimistic is. We may never regain the past and the future is beyond us; until it is the present. So we let go of the past but carry with us all that will assist us in our way forward in the present. The future will always lie ahead of us so there really only is now. What joy and happiness can we discover in the now that is today?

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