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07.07.2020 – XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Yesterday's card was about mastering our mind and emotions. We were asked: Do you feel you have surmounted an emotional phase? Today, the Devil steps in to play with our minds some more, checking in on how strong our convictions of ourselves are. Can we be dissuaded or are we standing strong? Have we let go of the negative talk that holds us back and allows others to shine in our energy while we let our own lights be dimmed? Can we, as the Shadowscape Companion Book asks us, can we ‘break free from the puppeteer’s strings by looking beyond the material blockades and temptations.

Most of control is our own minds and can lead us a merry dance of fear and indecision. We need to cut the strings of the Devil on our shoulder, the strings that connect us to things that no longer serve us, things from the past, learned behaviours of outdated scenarios. Be the boss of your own mind, own it, do not let it own you. Linked to the earth energy of Capricorn and the planet Saturn which just happens to be currently in that sun sign which it rules and therefore brings greater power in this area of our lives.

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