• Patricia Jean Fleming

07.06.2021 III The Empress

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: The energy of three brings us birth, creativity and growth. A journey, something new happening, learned lessons from the past. The negative aspect can be gossipy and moody.

Today I am drawn to the colours of this card and before I look at it I am given a ‘rainbow’. Indeed there is a rainbow of colours here and she is nurturing its growth as she sends forth the multicoloured butterflies. Rainbows are a bridge between ‘heaven and earth’. Will we find ourselves today bridging between there and here? Butterflies are about transformation and today they are flying high. Her peach dress and roses at the bottom of the card speak to me of fruitfulness and abundance. She wears a sash of healing green and this reflects her nurturing spirit. How can we use our skills today to enhance the lives of others in a supportive, caring, sharing and giving way? The card is associated to the planet of love, Venus, in the Sun sign of Taurus with a focus on new love. Affection, beauty, harmony, relationships and sensuality.

Doing the practical things we need to do/productive action.

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