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07.03.2020 – Eight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Today we have the card of wishes again and in this current magical, energetic, astrological time then why would we want to hold back.

Blow our dreams out to the Universe and let them go. Remembering, of course, to be careful of what we wish for!

If we are only in it for a mind driven ‘me’ result then we may just get that uncomfortable place to come back at us. If we are coming from an open heart that wants the best for everyone . . . – can you feel the difference in the energy of these two? Allow the natural flow of events to guide and relax, what is meant to come to you will appear, one day, when it is right for everyone.

She wears a breast plate armour, don’t let others in to your deepest desires, keep your current dreams to yourself (and the Universe). Know your worth, know you have support at hand albeit 'unseen'.

As Abraham Hicks says – you don’t think about the electricity working for you in the toaster when you make your breakfast do you - so trust that the Universe will guide you well.

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