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06.09.2020 – Eight of Cups Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: This card is related to self-sacrifice. Is today a day that sees you walking away from something enabling you to move towards something better? Maybe not today for the card is reversed, but we may be starting to mull it over in our minds. Whatever it is the message is ‘hang on in there’ for the next card in the deck is the wish fulfilment card so, believe, you are almost there.

If you are feeling a disconnectedness, why not ask for some support from the Angels. They are waiting for us to ask them to help.

This card is associated with the planet Saturn in the sun sign of Pisces. Saturn is known to have the energy of effort and of reduction. While Pisces is said to be a receptive sign, spiritual, and open-minded. But, you don’t have to be Pisces to ask for assistance from our hidden friends. Have faith, listen and watch for signals and signs. Use Google to check out the symbolic meaning of anything that unusually shows itself to you. Or YouTube for lyrics if it is a song that you hear and seems specific to you at this time. Everything

has symbolic value, we just need to relearn how to read them.

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