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06.08.2020 – Two of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Here we are again with our Jester juggling the two pentacles. Is this your energy? I know people who are happy and comfortable leading an energetic life. I used to be. Maybe it is an age thing but mostly I am happy being the Monkey and waiting for the Butterfly to come and land on my nose.

As pentacles are earth energy I see this act as being out of the comfort zone. If it had been fire energy then I could accept that some people excel like this but, no, it is earth energy and not a comfortable place to be. He balances on a pedestal high in the mountains and, thankfully, we don’t see the long drop below. The Monkey is also more nimble and can use four of its limbs in a more beneficial way than the Jester's cumbersome arms and legs.

As humans we always have free will and choice but this card drops by to show that it doesn’t have to be a juggling act.

Are you a Jester or a Monkey?

Jupiter in Capricorn is associated with this card. Jupiter the planet of luck and Capricorn representing strength of character and slow but sure achievement/success.

Sounds more like the Monkey to me!

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